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Corporate Offerings

Wellness days

Our dietitians are available for company wellness day.  This provides your employees with the opportunity to engage with a registered dietitian who can answer questions, carry out basic nutrition assessments consisting of weight, height, waist circumference and BMI, provide valuable nutritional information as well as tips for the dietary management of certain conditions, such as high cholesterol, overweight, diabetes and high blood pressure.  This is particularly useful if you also have a nurse at your Wellness Day doing screening tests for high cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure.  We are able to provide a nutrition stand on the day which is tailored to your requirements.



The dietitians provide presentations and talks on nutrition-related topics to both small and large groups, for example at company wellness days, workshops, product launches, schools, conferences, and symposiums for health care professionals.  The talks can be tailored to your requirements and are done on site or at a suitable venue.


Nutrition consulting

The dietitians at MME Dietitians are able to develop nutrition-related educational materials for websites, newsletters, e-mails and other communications.


Discovery Vitality Points

The dietitians at MME Dietitians can offer consultations at corporate wellness days for employees who are Discovery Vitality members and wish to secure 1000 Vitality points.  More than one dietitian can be available depending on the number of assessments required.  Further points and rewards can be awarded through the Vitality Weight Loss Rewards Programme. See information on these consultations under Individual consultations.


Menu development & analysis

The dietitians at MME Dietitians are able to evaluate existing menus as well as develop and analyse recipes and menus for canteens, healthcare facilities, restaurants, schools, airlines, hospitals and food manufacturers.  They also provide advice and guidance to improve the nutritional quality of meals provided.


Group education sessions, workshops and intervention programs

We provide nutrition education sessions and workshops on a variety of topics to groups of any size.  Group intervention programs are available for weight loss and other conditions, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.  These programs can be implemented at your company offices and tailored to your requirements. MME Dietitians also has 8 and 12-week group weight loss programs which can be done on site or at our practice. Contact us to find out more details on this.